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NHS at 75

Still Waters

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The NHS has just turned 75, and the British public find themselves surrounded by jollity. There is a new logo, a 75th-anniversary badge, tea parties with cakes iced in blue, talks in schools, a photography competition, endless articles by people like me, and even some specially made bunting.

Is this 75th anniversary a cause for celebration or does it signal a system in old age, creaking its way into a sad decline? Should it be pensioned off? Or does the long-awaited workforce plan signal investment in the NHS that could give it a new lease of life?

Certainly not everyone is celebrating. Not the 7.4 million people currently on a waiting list, 370,000 of whom have been waiting for more than a year. Not the nurses, doctors, ambulance workers, porters and other staff involved in recent or planned strikes.

And certainly, today’s NHS faces many challenges. Some of them are new, most notably the COVID pandemic and its aftermath, but many are all too familiar.



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75 years....around about retirement age.

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2 hours ago, itsnotoutthere said:

75 years....around about retirement age.

Not the way your government is running the economy.

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On 7/5/2023 at 6:08 PM, Electric Scooter said:

One word - PRIVATISE!!!!!!

14 hours ago, itsnotoutthere said:

75 years....around about retirement age.

I've always wondered and admired the way Brexit supporters can enthusiastically hold two opposing opinions simultaneously:

Brexit enabled us to have the fastest vaccine roll-out in Europe - hurray! vs: The vaccination programme was a hoax by big pharma - boo!

The British NHS is the best health care system in the world - hurrah! vs: the NHS is failing and should be privatised - boo!

Brexit has been a great success - hurray! vs: Brexit is only a failure because it hasn't been implemented properly or even at all- boo!

The weak EU is about to fall apart any day now - hurrah! vs: Brexit isn't a success because the powerful EU is holding us back- boo!

Brexit will lead to a increase in wages because we'll have got rid of immigrants -hurray! vs: wage increases are bad because they cause inflation - boo!

Brexit has enabled us to Take Back Control of our Borders and control immigration - hurrah! vs: since Brexit we have Lost Control of our Borders and can't stop the immigrants- boo!

It must be like having Schrodinger's Cat in your head all the time.



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