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Gateshead football match abandoned after hearse drives onto pitch and 'spins circles'

Still Waters

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A football match had to be cancelled at halftime after a hearse drove onto the pitch and started doing doughnuts. Not something you see every day, is it?

Gateshead were taking on Dunston UTS in a pre-season friendly at UTS Stadium yesterday (Friday 21 July) when two cars - including a hearse - drove onto the pitch and began to cause chaos.

The hearse arrived on the pitch followed by a silver car, where they both began driving ‘round in circles and chucking leaflets from the open windows, while shocked football fans watched on.

Blokes wearing masks then hopped out of the hearse and got into the other vehicle, which promptly left the pitch - leaving the empty hearse behind.

"At first people were just watching what was happening but then people started running away. I heard people say they had guns and people were running for cover.


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Northumbria Police said three men - two aged 19 and one aged 32 - had been arrested on suspicion of affray.

A man, 41, was held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage.

All four men remain in police custody.


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