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Around 2,000 penguins wash up dead on Uruguay coast

Still Waters

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Around 2,000 penguins have appeared dead on the coast of eastern Uruguay in the last 10 days, and the cause, which does not appear to be avian influenza, remains a mystery, authorities said.

The Magellanic penguins, mostly juveniles, died in the Atlantic Ocean and were carried by currents to Uruguayan shores, said Carmen Leizagoyen, head of the Environment Ministry's department of fauna.

"This is mortality in the water. Ninety percent are young specimens that arrive without fat reserves and with empty stomachs," she said, and stressed that all samples taken have tested negative for avian influenza.


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Obama's chef, and now these penguins. Has anyone seen Hillary Clinton?
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Complex, a lot of things could have generated this :
lack of food
baby birds borned to early

What imports is to know if this is an isolated incident, or one among identical others (wich would lead clearly to the climate change and its consequences)

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