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The Great Pyramid's Greatest Secret (Hidden in Plain Sight)

Scott Creighton

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5 hours ago, Trelane said:

No, you have not. Not even once have you done this. You have gone off in many tangents talking about various items. None of which prove or support your "theory" from the OP.

Again, when did the earth "invert" in the last 10k years? Where is the evidence that this has ever occurred? The effects of such a cataclysmic event would certainly have left proof in the geologic record to include ice cores. 

@Scott Creighton To say nothing of the evidence for the rejuvenation of the human beings described by Plato when the earth changed its rotation ...

And also of the evidence for the series of events that allegedly led Humphries Brewer to find himself at Giza in 1837 ...

We're all still waiting!

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