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Car makers want to press on with Johnson's 2030 pledge on electric vehicles


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With his usual "boosterism", Johnson made his "world-beating" pledge to get the UK to convert to EVs years before any other country (a decade before the EU). And it looks as if we are stuck with it:

Car manufacturers want Rishi Sunak to press on with the 2030 ban on new diesel and petrol vehicles after “spending billions” on the transition to electric.

The pledge was first announced by former prime minister Boris Johnson in 2020 as part of a “historic” effort to meet the UK’s net zero target on carbon emissions by 2050.

It means drivers will no longer be able to buy new diesel or petrol-powered cars and will have to switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle.

On Monday, the Government had cast doubt over the target, sparking speculation that the 2030 deadline could be pushed back or ditched.

Car makers want Rishi Sunak to press on with 2030 petrol and diesel vehicles ban after ‘spending billions’ (msn.com)

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If they aren't being charged with wind or solar, they're just pretending to be good for the environment.

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One killed in cargo ship fire in Netherlands - with electric car suspected as the cause



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