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Newts threaten Boris Johnson’s plan to build swimming pool

Still Waters

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Boris Johnson may finally be out of political hot water, but plans to erect an outdoor swimming pool at his Oxfordshire home have been disrupted by a population of great crested newts.

Since leaving frontline politics, the former prime minister has been keen to press ahead with improvements to the home he purchased in May and has been living in with his wife, Carrie, and their three children.

However, it seems that the great crested newt, against which Johnson railed when he was in No 10 and accused of being “a massive drag on the prosperity of this country”, has had its revenge.

The UK’s largest newt, which takes its name from the striking jagged crest that males display in the spring breeding season, is a protected species under British law.


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Posted (edited)

Would have been much better if it was just "Newts threaten Boris Johnson". Like he's out sunbathing in the garden with just his Speedos on and a gang of little newts come over laughing at him in a cruel and demeaning manor, then go on to steal his flipflops and spit in his Pina Colada! 

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