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The Horseman and the Hound

Gilbert Syndrome

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Hard, the Horseman travels
On a haunted Halloween night
Across the broken hilltops
Winding in and out of sight

Fevered is the fine bone moon
Upon its bed of scarlet sky
A lone hound howls
As hidden barn owls
Pierce the night with their cry

A smog that dances deadly
Drifting out across the moors
A breeze that whispers gently
Against windows and locked doors

Gallop does the horse tonight
Upon the broken dead-leaf ground
A church-bell rings
As midnight brings
A rugged Halloween hound

Faster, the Horseman travels
As the hound bellows deep in the night
Across the dead-leaf hilltops
In and out of sight

Eager is the Horseman
In pursuit of this hallowed hound
Awaiting is the bruising beast
Its cold nose upon the ground

Brooding is the bloated moon
Upon its bed of purple sky
The lone hound howls
As hidden barn owls
Pierce the night with their cry
© Oct '21, Michael John Gilchrist
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