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New species of snake found in Peru named after Harrison Ford

Still Waters

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Scientists working in Peru have named a new species of snake after Harrison Ford in honor of the "Indiana Jones" actor's support for conservation work.

The 40 cm (16 inch) reptile was first discovered in May 2022 in the jungle mountains of Otishi National Park, San Marcos National University said Wednesday.

But it was not until now that researchers concluded it was indeed a previously unknown species.

This creature is a yellowish-brown color, with black spots, a black belly and copper eyes.

It has been given the scientific name Tachymenoides harrisonfordi.


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Gerontoandris grumpius is more like it.

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Posted (edited)

Oh, so I stumbled upon this gem where Harrison's apparently losing sleep over a snake potentially sharing his name. But hold your horses, because if we're talking about attaching names to things, I can't help but chuckle at the idea of dubbing a trendy, half-conscious mental state after our dear ol' Biden... I mean, talk about an honor roll of associations!

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