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We May Have Found Life On Mars 50 Years Ago, Then Killed It


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We May Have Found Life On Mars 50 Years Ago, Then Killed It

This would not be the ideal first meeting with alien life.


As the search for life on Mars continues – with the Mars Sample Return program set to return samples of the planet in the early 2030s – one scientist has suggested that we may have already found life on the Red Planet, almost 50 years ago. And then, in what would not be an all-time great first impression, we destroyed it.

Long before the Curiosity rover set robotic wheels on Mars, two landers touched down. NASA's Viking Project, as well as capturing the first ever images from the Martian surface, saw the landers conduct biological tests on the Martian soil, specifically to look for signs of life. 

Read More: IFL Science


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8 hours ago, Roshman said:

This is an old hypothesis. Over 10 years old!

For this type of experiments out of this world, 10 years means nothing , it takes a life time to get it right 

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