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Barnacles may help reveal location of lost Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

Still Waters

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A University of South Florida geoscientist led an international team of researchers to create a new method that can reconstruct the drift path and origin of debris from flight MH370, an aircraft that went missing over the Indian Ocean in 2014 with 239 passengers.

Associate Professor Gregory Herbert was inspired the moment he saw photographs of the plane debris that washed ashore Reunion Island off the coast of Africa a year after the crash.

"The flaperon was covered in barnacles and as soon as I saw that, I immediately began sending emails to the search investigators because I knew the geochemistry of their shells could provide clues to the crash location," Herbert said.



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On this issue I have counted 2 known CIA assets, and 2 likely agents in the field, actively disinforming the investigation.  This leads me to conclude that the USA accidentally downed MH370, likely with electronic jamming after falsely identifying the aircraft as hostile.  I suspect MH370 is in the South China Sea.  As a US citizen, this doesn't thrill me at all.  I strongly suspect that the matter is being kept quiet so that China doesn't have propaganda ammunition about the USA being "hostile" in "their waters", or cause a break in the somewhat fragile regional consensus about opposing China's South China Sea land grab.

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