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Woman spots 'grandad's ghost watching over her' in reflection of fiancé's wedding ring

Still Waters

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It's tradition for the father-of-the-bride to walk her down the aisle, but it turns out one bride-to-be's late great-grandad wanted to be involved in the wedding too when she spotted what she's convinced was his reflection in a photo of her fiancé's wedding ring.

Becky Sirrell, 27, has said it 'breaks her heart' that her late great-grandad Samuel Brown won't be able to see her on her big day - but considers his ghostly presence at this momentous time of her life his 'a nod of approval' from the other side.

While her hubby-to-be admits he sees the figure, Becky says he remains 'sceptical' when it comes to her great-grandad's ghostly presence.

Facebook users disagreed with him when Becky shared the image, however, which has amassed more than 400 likes and comments.


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Whoever is in that reflection, it isn't him - unless he's wearing a wig and got way fatter now that he's dead.

It's someone standing behind a counter. Picture looks like it was taken in a shop.

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