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Some True UFO Stories

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here are a few true stories about UFO cases which i found in a book ( "FUN FAX - the unexplained" by Fran Pickering). i'm sure you'll find these stories very interesting:

Hairy Visitors

A Mr Wyatt, an old woodsman in Humboldt County, USA, wrote in his diary in 1888 that the local indians were in contact with strange, hairy beings which were brought down to Earth from time to time by spacemen in shining craft (which we now call UFO's).

Dynamic Discus!

In 332 BC, while Alexander the Great was Besieging Tyre, 'flying shields' appeared in the sky. Round discs, flying in a triangular formation, one larger then the others. From the disc came a flash of light directed at the citie's walls, which then crumbled as if built of mud.

UFOs on file

Ancient Japanese documents describe an unusual, shining object seen on October 27th 1180, as a flying 'earthenware vessel'

In the 12th century a flat, round, shining, silvery object flew over Byland Abbey in North Yorkshire, causing the 'utmost terror' to the abbot and monks.

there are more in the book but they were too long to write.

each of the stories here are the exact wording from the book

and they are all claimed to be true


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Aye not for nuttin but jsut walk down to Time Square any day of da friggin week, youz'll see friggin Aliens everywhere. Somebodee should cawl INS on doze felas.

And plenny of UFOs, most of dem are hopped up on Rush and goofballs but dey are flying sky high, know wat I mean Dave?

Jimmy "***-Files" Potzenpans

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