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Japan a Hotspot for UFOs, Says New Pentagon Website; Also, Iraq/Syria in the ME, and South Carolina


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5 hours ago, Earl.Of.Trumps said:

I hear ya, skyeagle. 

Apparently, this Kilpatrick does not think that the findings by the USS Princeton about UAP's dropping 60k feet in less then a second as "no credible evidence". 

I would like to see AARO interview Senior Chief Kevin Day after he said that the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) radar systems had detected the UAPs in low Earth orbit before they dropped down to 80,000 feet . The objects would arrive in groups of 10 to 20 and subsequently drop down to 28,000 feet with a several hundred foot variation, and track south at a speed of about 100 knots. Periodically, the UAPs would drop from 28,000 feet to sea level (estimated to be 50 feet), or under the surface, in 0.78 s. 

I hope the AARO doesn't issue a press release that UAPs were nothing more than weather balloons blown off course by westerly winds which were blowing to the south in an easterly direction by a windshear blowing to the northwest, but I have to admit that I won't be surprised if they do. After all, the government has a long track record of issuing similar conclusions in the past.

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