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UK expected to re-join Horizon science scheme


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UK expected to re-join Horizon science scheme


The UK is expected to re-join the EU's flagship research scheme, Horizon, with an announcement likely on Thursday.

Talks on the UK becoming a fully-fledged member of the EU's €100bn (£85bn) programme again began after a deal was cut on post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland earlier this year.

According to sources in Brussels, there has been movement in EU-UK talks.

Downing Street and the European Commission have yet to comment.

Read More: BBC News


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The UK is to rejoin the EU's flagship scientific research scheme, Horizon, the government has announced.

UK-based scientists and institutions will be able to apply for money from the £81bn (€95bn) fund from today.

Associate membership had been agreed as part of the Brexit trade deal when the UK formally left the EU in 2020.

However, the UK has been excluded from the scheme for the past three years because of a disagreement over the Northern Ireland Protocol.


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The UK was excluded from the EU GPS system, Galileo, after Brexit even though we contributed £1.2Bn to it. Nice people.

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Unlike the general method (membership fees for example) of EU working where bigger nations pay more the new renegotiated system puts a cap on the budget roughly equal to what the UK receives from Horizon Europe. Dare I say a brexit benefit :nw: In truth the EU should be paying us for access to UK world class research and universities. :yes:

 "Britain will rejoin two of the EU’s science funding projects in a major post-Brexit shift.

The U.K. government announced Thursday that it will associate to both Horizon Europe, the bloc’s multibillion-euro research funding scheme, and Copernicus, its earth observation program, under a “bespoke new agreement.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the EU and U.K. "are key strategic partners and allies, and today's agreement proves that point. We will continue to be at the forefront of global science and research. It is estimated that the U.K. will contribute almost €2.6 billion per year on average for its participation to both Horizon Europe and the Copernicus component of the Space program."

Under the deal announced Thursday, the U.K. will not pay association fees for the time it was excluded from the arrangement, the British government said.

It will begin paying into Horizon from January 2024. Britain is also talking up “a new automatic clawback,” which the government said “means the U.K. will be compensated should U.K. scientists receive significantly less money than the U.K. puts into the programme.”

The British side confirmed, however, that it will not associate to the EU’s Euratom program, the bloc’s nuclear research and innovation scheme, saying instead it had “decided to pursue a domestic fusion energy strategy.” This alternative will have “up to” £650m of funding to 2027



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