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Nanoparticles: are they the key to a better world or a path toward disaster ?


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Hundreds of tons of nano-zinc oxide are produced each year, and it doesn't degrade easily. If we don't understand its behavior better, there's no way to predict whether it will eventually become a problem - though increasing evidence suggests nano-zinc oxide from sunscreen is damaging coral reefs.


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Just to put it out there, if we haven't all heard there have been repeated rumors that the nanotechnology is what is causing the blood clotting and increased amount of inexplicable deaths.  First I saw morticians talking about never having seen these giant clots they were pulling out before and blaming covid vaccines, and more recently more of the same looking clots blamed on  nanotechnology. The sources are sketchy, but when you see people putting together pieces that match it's not impossible to be skeptical of the certainty and still aware that its probably worth trying to avoid having this crap in your body. They are even in skittles and m&ms now.

Are nanoparticles safe for humans?
"Nanoparticles are known to enter the human body through the lung, intestinal tract, or skin, and can be toxic to the brain, cause lung inflammation and cardiac problems"
"Nanoparticles with spike proteins are just 1 of 2 important parts of the Novavax vaccine."
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"If you received a COVID-19 vaccine in the United States, it contained nanoparticles." "The adenovirus vectors, nanolipoparticles and mRNA used in COVID-19 vaccines are engineered nanoparticles."
**So it wasn't a conspiracy theory after all. Lol

"nanoparticles pass easily through the blood-brain barrier." **Nope! Uh-uh

"And strategically implanted nanoparticles in the eyes, ears or brain may enable night vision or hearing that's as good as a dog's. Nanoparticles could even allow people to control their smart homes and cars with their brains."
**We go be cyborgs in no time.

"But frameworks for assessing the safety and ethics of nanoparticles have not kept pace with research." **How can this be? 

"The European Union has established a nanobiotechnology laboratory to study the health and environmental effects of nanoparticles." In the United States, the National Nanotechnology Initiative, a coordinated government-sponsored research and development effort, is working to bring legal and ethical experts together with scientists. They'll weigh the benefits and risks of nanotechnologies and disseminate information to other scientists and the public."
**We can make it but we don't understand it? Something seems wrong about this whole thing. Nanotech sounds like science fiction to some, very advanced. Takes a lot to build, create and design. You would need deep knowledge in biology, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry to design this thing (biotech). Potential negatives should be visible from the get go.   

"but the reason for its antimicrobial properties is not completely understood. And therein lies the problem... scientists still don't know enough about their behavior."
**Can understand enough about them for design, production and use, but not enough to confidently answer the safety question.

"Nanoparticles are attractive to biomedical researchers because they can slip through cell membranes." "But these nanoparticles can cross human cell membranes as well."
**Usually hearing something like this stirs up a natural sense of caution.

"They don't fully understand the health effects of nanoscale zinc oxide. Laboratory studies using human cells have produced conflicting results, ranging from inflammation to cell death."
** I would imagine that would be the first thing to investigate and establish before use.

"The iGEM Foundation requires participants to consider safety, security and whether their project is "good for the world."
**You need to teach this? 

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