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Amerithrax Letters Decoded


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I am the cryptographer that broke the ciphers of the Amerithrax Letters, exposing the planning behind the 9/11 Attacks, the Amerithrax Attacks, and the later 7/7 London Underground Bombings.  In the review of this information I found specific traits of encryption that were modeled on the CIA's Kryptos Art Installation, which features a series of encrypted puzzles that were made to deliver the planning for 9/11 in the secondary layers of the puzzle.

When I had heard that the Amerithrax Letters were deemed by the FBI to hold a cipher within their matrix, I began to look into that form of encryption used, mentioned in their official report, and found that their methods were completely contrived and were invented merely to implicate Bruce Ivins, without any concern for the actual structure or the mechanics of a textbook method of encryption.  It was a complete farse.  I then decided it would be worth the time to examine these letters for any denotation, mark, or guide used to form a secondary or tertiary message.

In the review of the ciphers in the Amerithrax Letters in 2016, I found a multi-layered encryption system that delivered messages to the US's Intelligence Community.  Each letter held a simple breakdown and complication that allowed for a cleartext read of their statements. 

In the different layers of this cipher system I found :

1) A threat and a warning to Muslims and Africans from the Israeli intelligence apparatus, and the declaration that they were the creator of the AIDS Virus, with the same threats made during Operation Wrath of God left as a closing statement in the letter, reading WE DONT HAVE TO FORGIVE AMERICA, WE DONT HAVE TO FORGET.

2) Statements about the creation of ISIS as a terrorist organization, and the establishment of a great window of opportunity of taking advantage of the US and it's Government through the targeting members of the DOJ.  The cipher here used a familiar moniker design with a large "Z" that was found to have been taken from some of the original Z Operations in the 60s that the US/Israel had planned together.  It is a very familiar signature found on the "Bates Letters" from 1966.

3) The plans for staging the London Underground Bombings of 7/7, and the planning for the takeover of political parties in the US.

These ciphers are detailed in the worksheets I added as attachments.  I also included the evidence that I found in a link, with detailed breaks and the addition of addendums to the ciphers that were used after the attacks to plan to target the individuals they deemed to be in a position of their own interests.  A "Contact List" was found on the possession of the "Dancing Israelis" that were taken into custody on the Washington Street Bridge, and detailed another 3-layered cipher.

All of the files are contained under their respective headings and a page is made for each.

Z Operations - Zodiac

Cracked Kryptos - CIA's Art Installation Ciphers and Addendums

Amerithrax Letters Decoded - Ciphers and Addendums from Mossad Operatives in US

After the Amerithrax Attacks were used as a catalyst for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan there were a series of targeted killings in the US that began with Tom Wales in Seattle, an Assistant Attorney General, who was assassinated in the aftermath only a few weeks later on 10/12/2001.  This marked the beginning of a string of killings that began across the country and continued until their cabal were keyed into another segment of operations with the addition of more ciphers in 2004, 2005, and 2006.  These letters and ciphers were meant to deliver a control over the judicial proceedings behind a number of pivotal influences, that if exposed would bring about a new series of investigations into the previous killings made across the country by their cabal under the "Z" Operations from the past.  They were used to falsely implicate individuals that were deemed to be against their interests in the growing political monopoly behind their investments in the US.

They also identified a new group of subversives in the US, operating in the 4 corners of the US.....in Burlington, VT, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, and key locations in Florida that were networked by a man named Jeffrey Lew.  His group of operatives were made to establish networks of Israeli Safe Houses, set up drug trafficking hubs, and deliver additional killings with warnings that spread throughout the regions following the instructions in the ciphers.  They also made the effort to move their plans into Europe in key locations, in order to take control over the drug trafficking networks that were based in the UK and Ireland.

The letters were all found to have been used to deliver an indictment in crimes that were part of cold case investigations, found at crime scenes, and were used to stimulate their media interests that whitewashed the narratives behind these letters, carrying the audiences into a "mysterious suspense-filled saga" that would eventually be corralled on Netflix as the exclusive carrier of these productions.


Following through a timeline, these affairs were meant to be developed as a staging operation, and carried into the post-2010 operations of this cabal.  As their interests were to remove the political roadblocks to their Greater Israel plans, a number of key figures were murdered.  Moving their affairs into the media they created the illusions of behind a conspiracy triggering commentary and discourse, which was based on the attempt to take control over arguments and discussions that were based on the affairs in regions in the Middle East, while creating a political circus in the US as a stall tactic to thwart any exposure of this affair and its motives.

When the US/Israel decided to escalate their affairs on a timeline, they initiated the beginning of the "Disposition Matrix" in 2010 under the authorization of the Obama/Biden Administration's direction.  They began to plant agents throughout other parts of the globe in order to target a number of groups and individuals that were seen as compassionate towards the Palestinian cause, and targeted a mass of people that were made into innocent victims of their political demands.

When the US Navy created Project Architeuthis in 2014, their plans were detailed under the guise of an Active Roleplaying Game that was supposed to be used to attract the recruitment of Cryptographers, while being the cover for a real-world operation that has some of the most devastating attacks seen yet in this series.  Formed from the use of advanced technical encryption techniques and the use of mapping systems converging around the images presented on Google Earth, they were able to chart out and plot a series of attacks that saw the deaths of thousands, merely adding new ciphers over a timeline, some of which were posted on "Anonymous" chat boards, and some that were found floating in lakes in Europe stuffed into bottles.

Taking note of these operations and the ciphers behind them, I went into study of their composition and was able to lock-on to their media and political affiliations, establish a timeline of their motives, and show the inner workings of the modus operandi of their cabal.  The information was so pivotal and had so much impact that the Shorty Awards Group was kind enough to add my link to the US Navy's awards page as the top source for information, leading to the accredited status the page has today, exposing a sponsored operation that is ongoing with a number of repercussions seen in the current events and media reports following their attacks.

Project Architeuthis - Ciphers Exposing Covert Operations of the US/Israeli Lobby

As a recognized professional in this type of research, I have led the way for a number of indictments that were made to expose the affairs of politicians that were conducting one or a handful of these affairs, and reveal details about events being planned for the future.  I was even able to thwart a few before they began, from the practice of counter-intelligence strategies used in Cybersecurity positions around the globe.

Please consider the effort that has been made to uncover the timeline of these events and to expose the mass of operations that were conducted with the use of encrypted ciphers and communications channels, exposing agents that were actively plotting subversive terror attacks on the US and member Nations of the UN.

I give the information freely and openly without bias, and confirm the suspicions built over a timeline that spans more than 50 years, beginning with the assassination of key figures in the US under Operations Bayonet, Wrath of God, and Spring of Youth.

I can only hope that through this exposure that the killings will stop, the parties responsible will be brought to justice, and that there will be an increased level of security offered to protect the individuals and nations that were targeted in these affairs.  They are still ongoing and have extended their planning stages into the future anticipating that nobody will do anything about it.  But that is not the truth.  The truth is that a number of nations are taking steps to prepare for this end game stage of their affairs.

You should too.


Anthrax Letter 2 Breaks.jpg

Anthrax Letter BREAK ISIS.jpg

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And so since all these shady things are going on ,  why would they even make encrypted ciphers about them?

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On 9/13/2023 at 8:12 PM, razman said:

And so since all these shady things are going on ,  why would they even make encrypted ciphers about them?

They did so to communicate off the books with their informed parties that would see these ciphers and then respond with their own statements.  For example the Amerithrax Letters were a respsonse to the information from Kryptos from the Israeli govt, and there was another before that.  Kryptos was a template for a series of operations that were conducted after 1990, with some planned before but encoded for the puzzle to be decorated on the grounds of Langley.  These ciphers were unknown to the general public for years as nobody could get on the property in the middle of Langley's new Headquarters.  The fact that the Scorpion ciphers appeared just 9 months later but mentioned this very puzzle as well showed that the messages were being passed along with the intention of generating momentum for their operations.  As you can see the Scorpion ciphers mentioned the different layers of Kryptos confirming to the CIA that their agent in the field was aware of the text and the messages within them.

Scorpion Mod.jpg

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The Puzzle at Langley is described as being 9 feet high and 11 feet wide.

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I believe it. Psychopaths following psychopathic ideologies run the world. 

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On 9/29/2023 at 8:39 PM, ReadTheGreatControversyEGW said:

I believe it. Psychopaths following psychopathic ideologies run the world. 

You’re a perfect example of one that doesn’t 

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