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An “avocado” rock has been spotted on Mars

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

NASA has released an amusing new photo of some avocado-lookalike rocks, taken by its Mars rover Perseverance.

Snapped on September 8, the photo features a pair of rocks resembling an avocado split in half – although frankly, it looks a little crunchy for most people’s tastes. In the background of the picture sits the half with a “pit” and the flesh removed, and in the foreground, the other half lying upside down with a texture mimicking avocado peel.

Perseverance is currently searching Mars’ Jezero Crater for signs of ancient life on the planet, collecting soil and rock samples that could be returned to Earth. The rover features a multitude of cameras, two of which make up its Mastcam-Z camera, which captured the photo of the avocado rocks.


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And just in time for Mexican Independence Day.

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That is a pretty weird rock. Like i go places to collect all types of rocks for jewelry but I've never seen anything that shape. Reminds me of a tiny meteorite that only melted halfway.

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either used to grind corn or peppers to make a salsa :-)

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