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Eye-watering sized onion 'sets new world record'

Still Waters

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A gardener's enormous homegrown onion weighing in at almost 9kg is set to have broken a world record.

The eye-watering sized vegetable, grown by Gareth Griffin from Guernsey, was displayed at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show on Friday.

Weighing a whooping 8.97kg (19.7lb) it outweighs the previous world record which weighed 8.4kg (18.68lb).

Show organisers said the onion's status as the world's largest was subject to verification by Guinness World Records.


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10 minutes ago, XenoFish said:

That's a lot of french onion soup.

And tears trying to peel it.

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Just now, Still Waters said:

And tears trying to peel it.

I'd need a gas mask for the job.:lol:

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Whoa, he'll need a wakizashi to cut that beast.

Edited by quiXilver
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