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Stoke Space building fully reusable launch vehicle [updated]


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Stoke Space flies reusable upper stage prototype


A small hop by a prototype upper stage was a big step in Stoke Space’s efforts to develop a fully reusable launch vehicle.

Stoke Space said it flew its Hopper2 vehicle at a test site at Moses Lake, Washington, Sept. 17. The vehicle, using an engine powered by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, rose to an altitude of about nine meters before landing safely to conclude the 15-second flight.

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  • The title was changed to Stoke Space building fully reusable launch vehicle [updated]

Stoke Space test-fires new booster engine


Stoke Space has test-fired a highly efficient engine it is developing for the first stage of its fully reusable launch vehicle.

The company, based in Kent, Washington, announced June 11 that it performed a brief firing of the engine at a test site in Moses Lake, Washington, on June 5. The engine, designed to produce up to 100,000 pounds-force of thrust, went up to 50% of its rated thrust in the two-second test.

Read More: ➡️ SpaceNews


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