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New clues to the nature of elusive dark matter


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New clues to the nature of elusive dark matter

A team of international researchers, led by experts at the University of Adelaide, has uncovered further clues in the quest for insights into the nature of dark matter.


“Dark matter makes up 84 per cent of the matter in the universe but we know very little about it,” said Professor Anthony Thomas, Elder Professor of Physics, University of Adelaide.

“The existence of dark matter has been firmly established from its gravitational interactions, yet its precise nature continues to elude us despite the best efforts of physicists around the world.”

“The key to understanding this mystery could lie with the dark photon, a theoretical massive particle that may serve as a portal between the dark sector of particles and regular matter.”


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So how fast would a heavy dark photon go ? 

"the most precise measurement yet of the fine structure constant — which determines how strongly electrons and photons interact, or "couple" — has eliminated the possibility of dark photons at a large range of masses and coupling strengths." 


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