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Ethiopian Prince Alemayehu's lock of hair returned after 140 years in UK

Still Waters

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A lock of hair from a young Ethiopian prince, who died over 140 years ago, has been handed over in the UK to representatives from his home country.

In 1868, British soldiers took Prince Alemayehu away after invading the fortress of his father, Emperor Tewodros II, who then killed himself.

The crown prince died aged 18 in 1879 after an unhappy upbringing in Britain.

He was buried at Windsor Castle near London, but recent requests to have his body returned have been turned down.

One of the prince's descendants, Fasil Minas, expressed hope that the handing over of the prince's hair could pave the way for his body to go back to Ethiopia.


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Piece by piece... 


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”We’re keeping the body, but here, have some hair.” WTF?

Now do the Elgin Marbles.

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