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Has Flight MH370 Been Found in the Cambodian Jungle?


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https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/lost-malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370-found-in-cambodian-jungle-by-using-google-maps/ss-AA1h0efe?ocid=hpmsn&cvid=444f3402021a41cfafd1534dd70f1098&ei=12#image=1 British video producer's claim of having found the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in dense Cambodian jungle has resurfaced online despite serious doubts having been cast on his theory

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MSN sucks. I can't read the whole article. Does anyone have a better link?

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Fact check: Did MH370 crash in Cambodian jungle as viral reports claim?

A latest conspiracy theory about the disappearance of MH370 has claimed that the Malaysian Airlines-operated plane has been found in the dense forests of Cambodia. Over the weekend, British tabloids published a video producer's claims that he found a plane in the Pursat Province of the East Asian nation while scanning through satellite imagery on Google Maps. 

The man, identified as Ian Wilson, believes the remains of the plane bound for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur lie in this forest, adding that he made the discovery using Google Earth in a few hours. 

Notably, under one of the posts on X (formerly known as Twitter), carrying British media Wilson's version, a community post said: "It is important to emphasize that this 'news' is not new, it has been in circulation since 2018. To date, there is no real evidence that corroborates this hypothesis."


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49 minutes ago, Still Waters said:

The man, identified as Ian Wilson,

Don't we know him around here?

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Betteridge's Law of Headlines means that any headline that ends with a question mark can be answered with a "No", so you can save yourself time reading the article.  It used to be just lazy journalism (the journalism doubted the story but couldn't be bothered to fact check it), now it is just clickbait.

Betteridge's law of headlines - Wikipedia

Edit: I have just noticed @Scholar4Truthadded  the question mark, not the original journalist. This is wise scepticism. The answer is still 'No', though, lol.

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for me, I looked at the investigators say that the plane was "lost" from radar. :wacko:

and that's pretty much all I had to hear

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