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Is glass a liquid or a solid?

Still Waters

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There's something strange about the stained-glass windows of medieval buildings: They tend to be thicker at the bottom than at the top. Many believe this is because glass is actually a liquid that has flowed down the pane over the centuries. In contrast, others argue that glass does not flow, because it's a solid — or maybe an amorphous solid or a supercooled liquid.

So what is glass, really — a solid or a liquid, or something in between?


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There is a myth that gravity has affected medieval glass windows. Bill Bryson mentions this in later editions of his Short History of Everything- he added a note to say he had originally been misinformed. I think the truth is more prosaic- medieval glass was made imprecisely by hand, and the thicker heavier pieces were used at the bottom of the windows: The ‘glass is a liquid’ myth has finally been destroyed (gizmodo.com)

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