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Suella Braverman’s ‘nasty and cruel’ migrant crisis speech sparks furious backlash


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6 hours ago, and-then said:

If a nation cannot or WILL NOT stop such an invasion that is obviously weakening the country and for which there is no end in sight, then that nation is dying.  Period.  The question I'd demand an answer to is who does that benefit and why are the elected leaders favoring non-citizens over their own?  The US has at least 7-10 million extra human beings to settle, care for, and find housing and employment for in just the last 3 years.  We also have a $33 T debt to service.  It doesn't take a demographic or economic scholar to see where this is headed.  I doubt that New Yorkers, for example, are going to be taking many more thousands of these people and treating them peacefully.  The tipping point will eventually come.  Then what?

What you say may be true, but you are echoing the empty words that I challenged @itsnotoutthere over. No one has found a solution, so just saying "they" should "do something" in an angry way doesn't help one jot.

Put yourself in the position I put to him but substitute NYC for Dover and imagine the immigrants are landing somewhere to make their way to the city:

Imagine you are the Beachmaster at Dover tasked with stopping asylum seekers landing in Britain and claiming asylum. We have left the ECHR so you can't be prosecuted there, but you are subject to Maritime Law and UN refugee agreements. You have the Border Force, the RNLI, and the RN at your disposal.

An inflatable dinghy is 5 miles out, heading towards Dover. On board are reported to be 10 adult males, 5 adult males claiming to be minors, 3 children and 2 women reported to be pregnant. A French launch who has been accompanying them for safety turns back after the crew shout "Good luck, roast bif!!" at you. The whole nation, including the Home Sec, turns to you for guidance. What do you actually do? Shout through a loudhailer "We have left the ECHR so go home! We don't want you!"? They probably know that and don't care anyway. So what is your next step?

What do you actually do? If it is nothing, then we have to just accept it is what it is and try to be constructive.

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