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Great white sharks that fled for their lives from gruesome liver-eating killer whale attacks

Grim Reaper 6

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For years, great white sharks were turning up dead on South Africa's False Bay and Gansbaai shores missing something crucial — their livers. Killer whales had been extracting the sharks' livers with chilling precision, killing them in the process. 

Then, the sharks stopped washing ashore. They stopped swimming near those shores — some of their most well-known South African habitats — altogether. They were just gone. But, it turns out that the sharks didn't die off, they were just hiding out in a new part of town, trying to avoid trouble, according to a new study in the journal Ecological Indicators' October issue.

Ultimately, the scientists concluded that the most likely explanation is that the great whites fled to avoid continued killer whale attacks. Their conclusion is supported by white shark behavior in other parts of the world, the study detailed.




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The orcas were just snacking.

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