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How Did Two Hot and Super-dense Neptunes Form?


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How Did Two Hot and Super-dense Neptunes Form?

Astronomers have discovered two Neptune-size planets that are denser than rock and in searingly close orbits to their star. How did these odd worlds form?


It seems like a bizarre new exoplanet is being discovered every day. Characterizing and ultimately categorizing these strange new worlds can be a challenging task for astronomers. It’s only natural that astronomers have used the solar system as a kind of template since the first “hot Jupiter” was found in 1995. Nowadays, the monikers “exo-Venus,” “super-Earth,” and “sub-Neptune” are ubiquitous when describing new exoplanet discoveries. 

But there are limits to leaning on our nearest neighbors as a frame of reference. 

Read More: Sky & Telescope


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