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Waterfox issue

Bendy Demon

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Ok..I am using Waterfox as my browser and it has worked fairly nicely until the most recent update to version G6.0.2

My particular issue is that now when I click on a link in my bookmarks it opens them in a new tab instead of the same open tab like it used to before the update.

So basically I have to point to a link in my bookmark then right-click to select 'Open' and the 'Open in a New Tab' is in bold which means that is the default and in the previous version I only right-clicked if I actually wanted to open a bookmark in another tab.

Anyone have an idea how I can fix this? I don't want to create an account to the Waterfox forum just so I can ask one question.

As a side note I looked into the about:config settings and the settings are the same for both Firefox and Waterfox yet in Waterfox I now have to right-click on the links in the bookmarks just to open them in the same tab (don't have to do that in Firefox)

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Even if it's not what you'd prefer to do that, creating an account on the Waterfox forum would by far be the most efficient method to get an answer to this question, also the method that is most likely to yield results.

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23 hours ago, Bendy Demon said:


I think I got it fixed. Had to go into the about:config then go to browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs and set it to false.

Discovered that I wasn't the only person with that issue either. Glad to have it working properly now.

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Open Waterfox.
In the address bar, type about:config and press Enter. You may see a warning message; click the "I accept the risk!" button to proceed.
In the search bar at the top, type browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs.
When you find the browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInTabs preference, it should be set to true, which means bookmarks open in new tabs. Double-click on it to toggle the value to false. This should make bookmarks open in the same tab.
After making this change, try clicking on a bookmark to see if it now opens in the same tab. If it doesn't work immediately, you may need to restart Waterfox for the changes to take effect.

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