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An 1897 UFO Crash Took Place in Aurora, Texas, The Pilot Allegedly Was Not Human!!!!!

Grim Reaper 6

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During the period of 1896 to 1897, numerous accounts of peculiar sightings involving cigar-like airships emerged across the United States. The sightings initially started in Southern California and gradually spread eastward.  According to Haydon's account, at the break of dawn, an airship collided with a windmill in the town of Aurora, which belonged to a man named J.S. Proctor. In describing the deceased, Haydon mentioned, "...although the body was severely disfigured, enough fragments were recovered to indicate that the individual was not of earthly origin

Although it was forgotten for many years, the Aurora incident resurfaced in the public consciousness in 1973, when journalist Jim Marrs conducted an interview with Charlie C. Stephens, an 83-year-old resident, who initially hesitated to involve himself in the investigation. On that day, while working with his father tending to the cattle, Charlie and his father observed a cigar-like craft flying at a low altitude, accompanied by a blinding light. Both he and his father watched as it moved towards Aurora, followed by the sound of an explosion and the sight of fire in the sky above.

An 1897 UFO Crash Took Place In Aurora, Texas, The Pilot Allegedly Was "Not An Inhabitant Of This World" (msn.com)

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