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Ukrainian tanker phoned Russian helpline for technical support - and got it!


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The T-72B3, a product of Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil, is one of Russia’s newer tanks. And unlike, say, the T-64BV, the T-80U or the T-72AMT, Ukrainian industry doesn’t have much experience with the type.

So when a Ukrainian tanker with the callsign “Kochevnik” ran into problems with his captured Russian T-72B3—problems local expertise couldn’t immediately solve—he called Uralvagonzavod tech support. And incredibly, the help line actually helped.

Militarnyi captured Kochevnik’s calls on video.

Ukrainian’s Russian Tank Was Broken, So He Called a Russian Help Line (forbes.com)

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Old as war itself. During the U.S. Civil War Jeb Stuart sent a telegram to the Union Army Quartermaster and complained about the quality of the mules that he had captured from Union forces. 


"General Meigs will in the future please furnish better mules; those you have furnished recently are very inferior."


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