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2nd-century Alexander the Great statue with lion's-mane hairstyle unearthed in Turkey

Still Waters

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The head of a marble statue of Alexander the Great unearthed in Turkey shows the enduring popularity of the ancient ruler hundreds of years after his death, experts say.

The object was found amid the ruins of the upper levels of a Roman-era theater at Konuralp, north of Düzce and near Turkey's northwest coast, and is thought to date to the second century. Alexander the Great died in 323 B.C, so the statue may have been made more than 400 years after his death.

The remains of other marble statues, including heads of the Greek god Apollo and the mythical monster Medusa, have also been found in the ruins of the theater, the Düzce Municipality wrote in a statement in Turkish.


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A mosaic of two lions has been discovered at the Roman theater in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium in modern-day Konuralp on the northwest coast of Turkey. The iconography is unique in Turkey.

The mosaic was found in a room of the portico in the middle of the theater axis. The room was rectangular and the walls were covered with marble slabs attached with a thick layer of mortar. The mosaic covers the entire floor and is almost intact. The main length of it features a floral vault pattern. The foundation of a large platform is on the north side of the room. The borders of the mosaic embrace it in a U shape.

Nice picshttps://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/68921

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