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Historian Points Out Huge Hole in 'Ancient Alien" Theory

Grim Reaper 6

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Many people believe that aliens have and continue to visit our planet. There is even a popular claim that many wonders of the ancient world are proof of alien influence on early human development. This theory is widespread, largely thanks to television shows, books, and pop-culture articles devoted to the idea of ancient aliens.” It’s also extremely problematic, as it diminishes and erases the craftsmanship and genius of actual ancient human cultures of the world, many of which originate in places where the racist path of colonialism have done much to erase the very real cultural history.

“Isn’t it interesting,” points out historian Dr. Ellie Mackin Roberts in this video, “that we think about aliens building things in ancient South America, ancient Africa, and the ancient Middle East, but we don’t think that the aliens have built similar things in the places that we have decided is the birthplace of western civilization…like Greece?

Historian Points Out Huge Hole in 'Ancient Alien" Theory (msn.com)

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Oh, cow. I don't know about this argument. Unless this woman is prepared to say that Egyptians are smarter than the Greeks, Romans and Europeans, she has no argument, IMO.

The Greeks were on the rise when the Egyptians were falling, and the Greeks learned as much from the Egyptians as they could. 
But, the Egyptians built the Khufu pyramid (G1) and that was the tallest building in the world for almost 4,000 years, and was not exceeded in height by anything
built by the Greeks or the Romans, who had greater advances in technology, of course. 

I see two obvious choices:  1] The Egyptians are more noticeably intelligent than anyone. 2] The Egyptians had a little help. :)


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