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Pentagon's UFO office is receiving dozens of reports each month


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Wow imagine that! When they listen instead of threatening people's careers and ridiculing them they share. So funny how that works. Well this is great. I am sure this new attitude will hugely advance the Pentagon's understanding of what is going on. Eventually. 

I can't wait until we put together everything they are teaching people and use it to advance our scientific knowledge. In my experience they were educating me on quantum physics and frequencies and i still dont understand what was happening exactly. It helped me understand a lot of things though and if they are talking to this many people one of these days they will catch someone with the right credentials to be able to utilize the information. They are trying to educate us and it will be so great when people listen!

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Sounds like a job for Scully and Mulder.

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Keep the good news rolling. It's like insect repellent to the hoodie-hooha true disbelievers. :rolleyes:

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