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Galactic Communication Network

Duke Wellington

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So back in 2011 science was all excited after an experiment reported detecting electron neutrinos travelling faster than light. Some of you may remember it. It took a few weeks but then it was ruled as being a problem with the electronics. That being a connector wasn`t seated perfectly and a component on a circuit board was running 10Mhz slower than the manufacturer claimed. It reduced the erroneous reading down to within a 5ns margin of error and thus the discovery was thrown out. Here is an article on the original experiment and claims: The Sky’s the Limit on the Speed of Light | by Avi Loeb | Medium

Well, it has not hit the media, it has been kept strangely quiet, but this year CERN has also detected neutrinos travelling faster than light: New CERN experiment finds neutrinos still faster than light (zmescience.com)

The thing is neutrinos virtually never interact with anything so it takes a trillion trillion trillion of them passing through a detector before one collides with the sensor. It means that hypothetically if high energy neutrinos do travel faster than light they are perfect for a galactic communication network. With them interacting with other particles so rarely the signal attenuation is going to be so low that there would be little loss of information across light years.

Aliens could be using this, and the thing is because of the extremely low number of neutrinos interacting with sensors we would need an innovative new technology to even determine if they are being used for intergalactic communication.

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Even if neutrinos travel 100 times the speed of light it would still be incredibly slow communications across interstellar distances.

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What @esoteric_toadsaid^^.  At 100 times the speed of light, it would take that signal 1000 years to cross the Milky Way. 

Look for the shortcut because speed just doesn't cut it. 


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