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The otherworldly history of the Demogorgon

Still Waters

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In the first episode of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, four boys—Dustin, Lucas, Will, and Mike—are sitting around a basement table playing a spirited game of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s nighttime, and a sense of foreboding hangs over the scene, established by the show’s opening just seconds before when a lab worker fell victim to an unseen creature chasing him down the corridors of a mysterious government facility.

Suddenly, Mike, the Dungeon Master, reveals the mother of all D&D monsters—the one most feared by the other players.

“The Demogorgon!“ Mike yells as he slams the game piece down.


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Was not done justice.

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Interesting summery. 

I never fought the DnD demogorgon. We were always too scared. 

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