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New analysis of Avi Loeb's 'alien' spherules raises more questions


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Good luck to Loeb trying to prove the spherules are from outer space. 

the trail is cold. 

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Adding a link to the article in question.

Anthropogenic Coal Ash as a Contaminant in a Micro-meteoritic Underwater Search - IOPscience

Good gosh, it's short and sweet.

Loeb response is as off-the-mark as one unfortunately expects.

"The region where the expedition was carried, should have no coal mineralization."

No duh, Avi. They aren't saying it's in-situ coal.

"In addition, coal is non-magnetic and cannot be picked up by the magnetic sled that was used."

But fly-ash is magnetic, Avi.

What a blunderer.

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Interesting looking objects, and opposing explanation, but where’s the missing other stuff?

The odds are, we should see other things, if this is from coal.

I think this isn’t adding up too well, for coal ash.




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