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Galileo Second Generation: Navigation Satellites [updated]


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Galileo Second Generation satellite aces first hardware tests



The new Galileo satellite model from Thales Alenia Space underwent mechanical and signal performance testing this summer at ESA’s ESTEC Test Centre. Structural models resisted launch-like noise and vibrations while an electrical model proved its ability to send Galileo signals - a major milestone in the development of Galileo’s Second Generation.

Europe’s Galileo is the world’s most precise satellite navigation system, providing metre-level accuracy to more than four billion users worldwide. It currently comprises 28 satellites in orbit and 10 more are due to be launched, after which a new generation of satellites, the Galileo Second Generation or G2, will revolutionise the fleet with enhanced capabilities.

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Green light for Galileo Second Generation satellite design



Production of Galileo Second Generation satellites advances at full speed after two independent Satellite Critical Design Review boards have confirmed that the satellite designs of the respective industries meet all mission and performance requirements. This achievement is another crucial milestone hit on time in the ambitious schedule to develop the first 12 satellites of the Galileo Second Generation fleet.

The European Galileo navigation system, the most precise worldwide, is gearing up for the Second Generation (G2). G2 will bring unprecedented positioning, navigation and timing capabilities to support a wide array of user needs and services.

Read More: ➡️ ESA


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