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Freemasons Worship What?! & A Haunted Atheist Professor


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On 12/6/2023 at 6:14 AM, XenoFish said:

From my own research and stuff brought up here I agree. Very much 'fear the devil' type of religion.

The funny thing about magick. Especially ceremonial magic is how focused it is on purity. With a heavy Christian and Judaic focus. Magic in and of itself is a path of self actualization. Once a person gets past the 'edge lord' level, it becomes a personal journey. The focus turns inward and it become about a higher meaning in one's life. Though I can not say this is universally true for all occultist. My agnostic view of deity drew to the conclusion that life is a magical act. Something we can create with focus and intent. Well, you and not-a-rockstar helped me realize it mostly. Credit where credit is due.

There is nothing more to controlling demons than to do good and fear nothing.

Eliphas Levi

Love this💖 



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On 12/6/2023 at 6:27 AM, Piney said:

That's what happened to both of us when we passed the "edge lord" level. We became "philosophers" of ourselves and others and gave up ritual for observation and introspection. 

Mine came about after a "spiritual war" with a bunch of rank amateurs though and it was the only time I used Power for personal reasons. 

Love this💖

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