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Teen's death at party sparks far-right riots in France


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The French government urged calm Monday after the killing of a teenage boy at a village dance party this month was followed up with violent demonstrations by the extreme right. 

The death of the 16-year-old, named only as Thomas, has been seized upon by the far-right who have portrayed the killing as symbolic of increasingly insecure conditions in French society.


Around 100 extreme-right activists travelled to the nearby town of Romans-sur-Isere on Saturday, a police source said, adding that they were looking for a fight with young people from the La Monnaie neighbourhood, where many suspect the perpetrators of the November 19 killing live. 

A further far-right gathering in Romans was dispersed by police Sunday.

France 24 report at MSN



Sweden's prime minister condemns far-right call to demolish mosques

EuroNews report

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It's inevitable isn't it?  Not to give myself a pat on the back but when Merkel welcomed hundreds of thousands of "refugees" into Germany and Europe in general, many from war torn hell holes from the Middle East and without vetting, I knew there would be a big swing towards right wing nationalism in Europe.

Most refugees these days come from countries where Islam is the rule of law.  They have limited understanding of western values and while the majority try to adapt and integrate, a large chunk of them are Islamists who hate what we stand for.  Personally, I lean towards Liberalism and left wing politics but they've done a poor job in the last few decades enforcing multiculturalism in western societies without proper vetting and integration plans.  Also, they seem to have opened the floodgates to too many.

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Any opposition to mass immigration will now be termed 'far right' by the main stream media no matter who opposes it, as such the term is meaningless.

Army veterans protecting historical statues were called 'far right' whilst BLM protesters vandalizing  historical monuments were encouraged, we all know the agenda, so I will take the term 'far right' in any MSM 'news' item with a pinch of salt.

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Nine members of a gang that descended upon a small French village to “stab white people” have been arrested after leaving one dead and 16 injured.

During a village winter ball in Crépol on Saturday evening, a gang of “outsiders” descended on the French village and went on a rampage that left a sixteen-year-old boy named Thomas dead and 16 others aged between 16 and 65 injured. The dance had seen around 300 of the 532 members of the village attend.

“I saw another friend of mine get stuck in the back, I compressed his wound to make a tourniquet, he was hit in the kidney. It was horror. For me, it was clearly an attack. The attackers said: ‘We are here to stab white people’.”


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French police arrested a man who targeted passersby in Paris on Saturday night, killing a German tourist with a knife and injuring two others, France's interior minister said.

Police subdued the man, a 25-year-old French citizen who had spent four years in prison for planning a violent offense. After his arrest, he expressed anguish about Muslims dying, notably in Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories, and claimed that France was an accomplice, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said. The attacker apparently cried “Allahu Akbar” (God is great), Darmanin added.

AP News at MSN

He said the suspect was sentenced to four years in prison in 2016 for planning a separate attack and was on the French security services watchlist.

The man was also known to have suffered psychiatric disorders, Mr Darmanin said.

A police operation was initiated around the Bir-Hakeim metro station on Saturday night, and authorities urged people to avoid the area.


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