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Astronomers discover the Milky Way's faintest satellite


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Astronomers discover the Milky Way's faintest satellite


By analyzing the images from the Ultraviolet Near Infrared Optical Northern Survey (UNIONS), an international team of astronomers has discovered a new compact satellite of the Milky Way, which received designation Ursa Major III/UNIONS 1. The newfound object turns out to be the least luminous known satellite of the Milky Way. The finding is reported in a paper published Nov. 16 on the pre-print server arXiv.

The Milky Way is known to be orbited by dozens of smaller, gravitationally-bound galaxies or star clusters. Although the list of identified satellites is relatively long, astronomers believe that some dwarf and faint galaxies are still undetected.

Read More: ➡️ phys.org


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One of the oldest possible galaxies/clusters in the universe is orbiting ours. Cool!

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