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EU court says public employees may be barred from wearing head scarf


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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The top European Union court ruled on Tuesday that public authorities in member states can prohibit employees from wearing signs of religious belief, such as an Islamic head scarf, in the latest decision on an issue that has divided Europe for years.

The case came to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) after an employee of the eastern Belgian municipality of Ans was told she could not wear an Islamic head scarf at work.

The municipality subsequently changed its terms of employment to require its employees to observe strict neutrality by not wearing overt signs of religious or ideological belief.

The woman concerned launched a legal challenge, saying her right to freedom of religion had been infringed.

EU court says public employees may be barred from wearing head scarf (msn.com)

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I find it hard to believe that this question could be asked of CJEU, it is entirely a political question and shows just how far the judiciary in both the EU and UK have taken a view they can medal in politics. 
Or are these bodies now being allowed to function outside their original remit, as scapegoats, and politicians hope to ignore the bigger democratic ramifications ;) 

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