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Observing a sick individual triggers a biological response


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It's well-known that when those around us get sick, there's a good chance we'll catch what they have, but new research published in Trends in Ecology & Evolution reveals that simply observing a sick individual triggers a biological response.

Patricia Lopes, an assistant professor of biology at Chapman University, is studying how the body anticipates the possibility of infection just by witnessing someone else's symptoms. This phenomenon raises questions about the interconnectedness of individuals within a social group and how the perception of sickness can influence the health and behavior of others.


Responding to infection affects more than just the host


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Trying to figure out if the take away is a placebo effect, nocebo effect, psychosomatic or mirror neurons.....all of that, maybe?

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Like yawning...or coughing... Instinctively triggers something.

My dog can make me yawn...Oh my, I just yawned thinking about yawning.

I don't usually have a feeling of being sick because of someone else's illness.

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