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Reasonable for protesters to call Tories 'scum’, court rules


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I can see the court's point.  What other word would be so honest and fitting?

Two protesters were “reasonable” in calling Iain Duncan Smith “Tory scum” outside the Conservative party conference, the high court has ruled, in a rejection of an attempt to overturn their acquittal.

Lord Justice Popplewell and Justice Fordham said no fault in law was made by a senior district judge last November in finding Ruth Wood, 52, and Radical Haslam, 30, not guilty of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent.

In response to a request for a judicial review from the director of public prosecutions, the high court found that Judge Goldspring, who is also described as the chief magistrate, had made the important finding that “the use of Tory scum was to highlight the policies” of Duncan Smith, and that this was relevant to the “reasonableness of the conduct” in relation to the rights of freedom of expression and assembly.

Reasonable for protesters to call Iain Duncan Smith ‘Tory scum’, court rules | Conservatives | The Guardian

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5ec934a24cfdccaa236fe855756c7517.thumb.jpeg.3756dfae077fe82cb4c29526f727a602.jpeg    elliot-bovill-au-manchester-magistrate-court-ou-il-comparait-avec-ruth-wood-et-le-radical-haslam-qui-cants-abusifs-ou-insultants-dans-l-intention-de-cause.thumb.jpg.aa8a254a85e5a3206e1555358bb8c216.jpg    skynews-ruth-wood-protest_5967256.jpg.4d91aaa19b3d4579099b29952ba68d95.jpg


Scum ....indeed.

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