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Japanese experimental nuclear fusion reactor inaugurated


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Japanese experimental nuclear fusion reactor inaugurated


The world's biggest experimental nuclear fusion reactor in operation was inaugurated in Japan on Friday, a technology in its infancy but billed by some as the answer to humanity's future energy needs.

Fusion differs from fission, the technique currently used in nuclear power plants, by fusing two atomic nuclei instead of splitting one.

The goal of the JT-60SA reactor is to investigate the feasibility of fusion as a safe, large-scale and carbon-free source of net energy—with more energy generated than is put into producing it.

Read More: ➡️ phys.org


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Hmmm thought a brit said, they were busting their balls down in France getting theirs built buT! -- the Japanese already built one overnight!?!? Hmmm.



.... ah reading, JAPAN's "experimental "" fusion reactor ... okay. Well --fingers crossed X

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So much cleaner than solar or wind.  Probably not as profitable in the very short term, however.

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