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How will EarthCARE shed light on clouds? [updated]


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How will EarthCARE shed light on clouds?



In around six months, ESA’s Earth Cloud Aerosol and Radiation Explorer mission will take to the skies to advance our understanding of the interactions between clouds, aerosols and radiation in Earth’s atmosphere. But how will it do that exactly?

Clouds remain one of the biggest uncertainties in how the atmosphere drives the climate system. A better understanding of the relationship between clouds, aerosols and radiation is a high priority in both climate research and weather prediction.

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  • The title was changed to How will EarthCARE shed light on clouds? [updated]
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ESA’s cloud mission in the limelight



Dedicated to delivering a wealth of new information on exactly how clouds and aerosols affect Earth’s climate, ESA’s EarthCARE satellite has had the chance to show off prior to engineers embarking upon the careful task of packing it up for its journey to the launch site in the US.

Carrying four different instruments, this remarkable satellite is the most complex of ESA’s Earth Explorer missions – missions that return key scientific information that advances our understanding of how planet Earth works as a system and the impact that humans are having on natural processes.

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