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Can we learn to be happier?

Still Waters

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It’s the best thing in the world and the one thing we all want more of. Thankfully, you don’t have to be rich, beautiful, or even particularly cool to get it. Elusive though it may seem, happiness is in fact a skill that can be cultivated, and while we can’t necessarily control the events that trigger our moods, there are things one can do to become a more cheerful person.

What is happiness?

In case you haven’t noticed, life ain’t all rainbows and unicorns, and even the most joyous people occasionally have the smiles wiped off their faces by misfortune. Yet experts say that happiness and sadness aren’t mutually exclusive, and that true contentment requires an ability to accommodate negative events and emotions.


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Good article. Thanks.

When I view people, it seems that some are mostly negative in attitude who have positive experiences along the way; while I see others who are mostly positive in their attitude who have negative experiences along the way.

It does seem to me that an attitude of Happiness truly does come from within. I think that if folks can find an anchor of sorts to calm the fears and doubts of the ignorant darkness they have about life, and what it's about, then they can focus more on their life and how to best move forward. Otherwise, that fear will always be there subconsciously until one can find that anchor to alleviate the fear.

To have a sense of accomplishment in anything I do in life, I have one simple rule for anything I do whether it be at work or at home:

Leave things in a better state than you found them.


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How did I once put it, "life isn't all rainbows, sunshine, and kitty cat farts."

Happiness shouldn't be a goal, only a byproduct.

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