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A vegan diet can improve heart health in just 8 weeks


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In just two months, twins placed on an experimental vegan diet had lower insulin, decreased weight, and reduced levels of a protein associated with heart disease and stroke, new research shows.

The findings provide yet more evidence to show that vegan diets aren't just the best option for the environment – they can be great for people too.

"Based on these results and thinking about longevity, most of us would benefit from going to a more plant-based diet," explains Stanford University nutritional scientist Christopher Gardner.

For their study, researchers recruited 22 pairs of healthy identical twins – to control for genetic, upbringing and lifestyle differences – and divided the twins into two groups.

Full report at Science Alert

Twin research indicates that a vegan diet improves cardiovascular health.

Full article at Stanford Medicine

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The thing is, what you gain in heart health, you lose in anemia and loss of bone density by following a vegan diet.  Choose your poison. 

Also, many vegans think that they can supplement the deficiencies in their diet with pills, which is taking an awful lot on faith with some very dubious low end pharma companies.  Essentially Nature has arranged things so you can either eat meat and gain crucial nutrients or you can substitute feces into your diet to make up for the deficiencies of a vegan diet.  So for a vegan the choice is eat 💩 and/or die.

Bloodmouth Pride !  Bloodmouth PRIDE !  🐖🐄🐇🐑🐐🐟=🍖🍗🥩🥓=🍲

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I stick with my steak and chance my luck ….if I wanted to eat grass I wouldn’t have bought a lawnmower…

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