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A teenage ISIS supporter promised a 'lone wolf' terror attack against Las Vegas


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It was a 16 yr old boy.

‘Lone wolf’ terrorist threats made by 16-year-old, police say | Crime (reviewjournal.com)

A 16-year-old is alleged to have made Islamic State group-related terroristic threats targeting the Las Vegas Valley this week.

The teenager, not identified because of his juvenile status, was arrested Wednesday by the Metropolitan Police Department, according to a news release.

Deputy Chief Dori Koren said counterterrorism detectives in Las Vegas became aware of the online threats on Tuesday.

“The threat involved the suspect that claimed he was commencing lone-wolf terroristic attacks here in Las Vegas in furtherance of support for the Islamic State terrorist organization also known as ISIS,” Koren said during a Friday news conference at Metro headquarters.

In a message shown at the news conference, the sender identified himself as “a supporter” of the Islamic State group and said he was seeking other supporters to help him in the attacks.

Koren said police found a handmade ISIS flag, a handmade ISIS headband, handmade ISIS patches, ISIS propaganda, antisemitic threats, bomb-making recipes and the ingredients to make an improvised explosive at the teen’s home when they arrested him without incident.

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This isn’t news. It sounds like the FBI is running out of money. This is their cry for help.

The kid was probably stoned and in need of a MAGA hat.

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18 hours ago, docyabut2 said:

Could you please post confirmation of this from something that is not a right-wing propaganda organization?

I looked and couldn't find anything.


Compared with Trump's draconian border policy, I suppose Biden's looks like open borders.  In fact, it isn't.  One is still required to present oneself at any of six ports of entry for inspection/interview to see if one comports with applicable laws.

But only six POEs means one has to travel a long way to get to one.  And when one gets there, there are long lines and delays in processing.  Many are tempted to sneak across the border between checkpoints.

One solution is more ports-of-entry and more Border Patrol.  But that costs money, something a Republican House has not been willing to cough up.  For that matter, the Republican House hasn't done much of anything.  It is setting new records daily for doing nothing.


Strict Border Security/Vetting

There are six crossings, or “passes” along the Mexican border.  All have INS guards to make sure that people who try to cross have a legal reason to do so.  Even so, immigration has reached record highs during the last two years (Wu 2023).  Title 42 was one reason.  Created during the Trump years in an attempt to limit covid, it was continued by the Biden Administration in an attempt to slow immigration.  However, when it expired in May 2023, immigration slowed for a couple months while people figured out what would happen, then spiked.

In the past, most border crossings from Mexico have been Mexican citizens seeking work.  But Venezuela’s failing economy and gang violence in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) now account for nearly half of illegal border crossings (Wu 2023).  There has also been an uptick in immigration from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua – economic refugees.  In September the Biden Administration started deporting Venezuelans back to Venezuela.

Families made up about 20% of illegal apprehensions.  In August and September that proportion increased to about half.

U.S. attempts to deter immigrants cannot work long term.  People want to be safe and follow the rules, but legal pathways are severely limited and have location restrictions and long wait times.  Restrictive border policies don’t work because people are fleeing extremely dangerous situations and prefer to take their chances at the border rather than being killed in their home countries.


“Good-bye, Tio Juan.  Good-bye, Rosalita.

Adios, mis amigos, Jesus y Maria.

You won’t have any names

When you ride the big airplane.

All they will call you will be deportees.”


Open Border

“Open borders are the last thing we want – but we do want them.”  --John Powelson, Professor of Economic Development and Economic History, University of Colorado, Boulder.     

There is no harm in open borders if immigrants’ country of origin has a strong economy and peace such that families can live there without fearing for their lives.  In those circumstances people will want to visit the United States, but will return home afterward.



Wu, Ashley.  2023.  Why illegal border crossings are at sustained highs.  New York Times (29 Oct. 2023).  https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2023/10/29/us/illegal-border-crossings-data.html  2 Nov. 2023.


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