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Boston woman, 44, was mauled to death by shark 'in front of her HUSBAND'


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A Boston newlywed was killed by a shark while paddle boarding with her husband a day after their Bahamas wedding, 

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Sharks often mistake paddle boarders for seals, which might explain the attack.

How sad though for her and her family.


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18 minutes ago, docyabut2 said:

I`m afraid  to go in to the ocean's :(

Don't be. Shark attacks are rare, and unprovoked attacks usually occur when they mistake humans for prey.

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There are several devices on the market that repell sharks. Shark shield makes a wearable device that uses a small electrical current that messes with the sharks lateral line, and sensors in their head. Pretty pricey, but if you're an Aussie, you can get a rebate from your govt. Australia has the largest amount of shark attacks, so a good Idea of you're planning a trip. They may even be available to rent.

Another one uses strong earth magnets that basically do the same thing as an electrical current. It's worn on you're ankle. Prices are pretty reasonable.

There are others on Google, I just picked a few of the approved devices.

It must have been horrible to watch your wife mangled to death. Day after their wedding too. Very sad.

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