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SETI is searching for alien life at previously unexplored frequencies


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Good for you, Seth.  If only people didn't take your UFO aspersions so uncritically.

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i'm no longer convinced SETI is a good way to look for alien life.  To me it feels like they just want to keep going to not have to admit defeat. 

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Why is SETI looking for alien life out in Space. They should talk to some posters here. Apparently, they know better than them and can prove aliens are visiting here.:P

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Oh I'm sure we'll bump in to something, sometime. Thanks for the article post by the way decent write-up piece and on that thought, was thinking hmmm, they could take pointers from that PhD Astrophysics [candidate], seems like a smart chap. Some might say run the equipment until it runs no more, or --- if PhD kids like Owen J. are around to run it / have a say -- set aside a billion ( that’s probably lost every month ) for future equipment upgrades so it doesn’t become tooooooo obsolete.


 . . . ,. ---just an opinion, nosy

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