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Boris Johnson asked spies to plan a military raid on Dutch Covid vaccine factory


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Boris Johnson is due to appear before the Covid Inquiry this week, to start lying about his actions and inactions. It will be interesting to see how the former Head Clown of a Clown Car government spins this. The Netherlands media are enjoying themselves and even Putin has got some propaganda mileage out of it. "Take that Jonny Foreigner, we beat you in the War, and we will beat you again! What's that? You were on our side? Well, us plucky Brits don't mind, we will take you all on again".

If us Brits couldn't laugh at ourselves, we would be missing the joke of the century.

Boris Johnson asked the security services to draw up plans to raid a Dutch Covid vaccine factory after the EU 'stole' millions of doses destined for Britain during the pandemic, it has been claimed.

Diplomatic sources said the former prime minister was 'enraged' after the EU effectively blocked the export of five million doses of the AstraZeneca jab at the height of the vaccine rollout in March 2021.

At one point Mr Johnson asked the security services to investigate 'military options' for retrieving the doses from the plant in Leiden, in the Netherlands.

Revealed: How Boris Johnson asked spies to plan a military raid on Dutch Covid vaccine factory to seize five million UK-bought AstraZeneca jabs that the EU 'stole' at the height of the pandemic when Britain's jab rollout left Brussels in the shade | Daily Mail Online

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